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ROES Integration
ROES Integration

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LabPrints Integration

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SimplePhoto Integration

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LabWorks™ Management System

Why use LabWorks™ ?

LabWorks™ is designed from ground up in a lab environment with ease of use and trainability in mind. Its Microsoft Windows based user interface makes it easy for any novice computer user to navigate and utilize the system with minimum training. Employees will be more efficient in entering and retrieving jobs, accounting staff will create statements for open accounts in a matter of seconds without having to do any database purging or closing. Production employees will know what needs to be done to the job on hand. The management will have the entire status of the production and business at its fingertips, to make decisions based on facts.


Professional customer service and technical support representatives are assigned to each client. This allows each customer to be in contact with a knowledgeable,concerned, and familiar representative. Our satisfied clients in the United Sates, UK and Mexico are proofs to our superb customer service.

  • "...They have a great product, but even greater is their standard of service to their clients!... ”
    Tracy Erni
    Colorich Professional Imaging
    San Diego, California


We realize that every photo lab's operation is different from the other. LabWorks™, therefore, supports diverse work flows, each appropriate for a specific setup. Once your needs are recognized , a complete solution is offered on how the software can handle your issues on hand, in the most efficient way.


LabWorks™ performance and functionality improves to meet with ever-changing industry standards. Upgrades are offered twice a year free of charge as part of our service contract. Customizations are also available for those with specific needs.

  • "...As the year progressed, our needs have grown! The staff of Lablogics has provided White House with several customized solutions and continues to work with us in our effort to meet the demands of our growing lab..."
    Michael Hanline
    White House Custom Colour
    St. Paul, Minnesota