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LabWorks™ Management System

Hear what a few of our customers and users have to say about LabWorks™

  • “In the late 2002, we began our search for new software to run our rapidly growing professional digital lab. Upon reviewing the Lablogics program and talking with Alex the decision was an easy one. The Lablogics' system addressed all of our immediate needs, was priced right, installed with ease. The support from the staff has been superb! Whenever a question arose, solutions and answers were provided quickly and with a high level of professionalism.

    As the year progressed, our needs have grown! The staff of Lablogics has provided White House with several customized solutions and continues to work with us in our effort to meet the demands of our growing lab. I would, without hesitation, recommend Lablogics to any organization that is in need of a true software "partner." Your involvement with them will do nothing but enhance your ability to prosper in the rapidly changing photographic industry.”
    Michael Hanline
    White House Custom Colour
    St. Paul, Minnesota
  • “LabWorks™ ethics are a rare and appreciated find in today's business world! They have a great product, but even greater is their standard of service to their clients! I am glad we made the decision to use Lablogics for our work order software.”
    Tracy Erni
    Colorich Professional Imaging
    San Diego, California

  • “A little over two years ago, we selected LabWorks™ from Lablogics as our workflow management solution. Since then, it significantly increased our productivity, decreased our communication errors, and provided us many useful management tools.

    We used to be a commercial photo lab. Like many other photo labs, we started to offer many digital imaging services. We also added many creative services into our offerings in the past two years. Because our business demands were getting more and more complex everyday, we started to look for a powerful yet flexible workflow solution back in 2001. After some thorough comparisons, we decided to acquire LabWorks™ . The reason was simple - it's easy to use, it's user-friendly, and the tech support is great.

    LabWorks™ was designed with all the operational needs in mind. In fact, the brilliant people who designed the system used to own a photo lab years ago. From customer database setup, order-entry interface, orders tracking, reporting, invoicing, and accounts receivable are all well laid out. It provides a very logical way of managing either photo or imaging services. We had little trouble in understanding how the databases were structured and the maintenance is easy. Retrieving complex customer information and financial data have always been simple.

    There are a lot of ready-to-use reports came with the system. They are very useful for business management. We rely on these reports for production, sales, and financial management. Our production staff use LabWorks™ for orders tracking, so we know the status for each job. It has helped us in reducing paper work and unnecessary verbal communications.

    Over the past two years, we had a lot of customization needs from both accounting and production. We had asked Lablogics to either modify the interface or creating new reports, sometimes even restructuring the database. Lablogics has always been very supportive in developing customized features. Programming was always completed before scheduled deliver date. Their technical support has been nothing but superior.

    Overall, the experience of using LabWorks™ is just wonderful. If you own a fast-paced production environment, if you want to have control over your business, and if you want to get some quality tools for you customer service and accounting staff, then you should look into LabWorks™ .”
    Martie Shieh
    Los Angeles, California

  • “We have a professional photo lab and in May of 2002 we purchased LabWorks™ Management System. I had experienced similar programs before but none comes even close to Lablogics’ LabWorks™ .

    It is easy to learn & friendly to work with and yet professional & detailed that makes invoicing, billing, tracking orders, etc a breeze!

    The design is perfect for pro labs since the creators of the program come from a photolab background.
    Most importantly the training & tech support is absolutely fantastic!

    I strongly recommend the system and will be happy to talk to anyone who is considering it."
    Dave Sadighi
    Digitech Professional Lab & Imaging
    Woodland Hills, CA

  • "Because of our volume, keeping track of customer jobs was out of control. This is one of the best custom management software available for labs. Our production has actually increased since our short learning curve. We now can tell our customers the exact status of there jobs and what department they are in, and what the due dates are by just bringing up the customer’s account; no more having to find and track our jobs physically from department to department.

    We find it to be user friendly. Our customers love the automatic email notifications they receive when jobs are readied in our system.

    Most Importantly, the technical support provided by Lablogics is unsurpassed. Their response to our technical questions, in most cases, is almost immediate.

    I recommend the LabWorks™ software to any lab or imaging center who's volume needs proper control and management. "
    William Oquendo
    General Manager
    Photopro Professional Imaging & Graphics
    Miami, Florida

  • “LabWorks™ has helped Swan Photo Labs grow substantially in 2003. The wholesale module is a great time saver. LabWorks™ is easy to use, intuitive and rock solid stable. Whenever we have had questions, Lablogics' staff has always been able to help us, immediately - What a concept!!”
    Keith Swan
    Swan Photolabs
    San Clemente, California