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ROES Integration
ROES Integration

Express Digital Integration
Express Digital

LabPrints Integration
LabPrints Integration

SimplePhoto Integration
SimplePhoto Integration

Kodak DP2 Integration

LabWorks™ Management System

Live Demonstrations of LabWorks™

To find out what LabWorks™ can do for your operation, we can provide you with a short
(20 minutes) presentation of this state-of-the-art management program, right at the comfort of your office.

All that's needed is a PC or Macintosh computer with internet access.

Please contact us at:

888.404.0008 (US) or 949.600.5310 (International)

or just email us at: and please provide us with your contact information and a little about yourself and your company. A Lablogics representative will contact you and setup an appointment at your convenience.