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ROES Integration
ROES Integration

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LabPrints Integration

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SimplePhoto Integration

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LabWorks™ Management System

A Complete Lab Management Solution for Photolabs and Digital Service Centers

LabWorks™ is a fully customized management point-of-sale software solution. It is built with power and flexibility in mind and designed to cater for the specific needs of photo industries. Its powerful features such as order taking, tracking, tiered pricing and invoicing are especially created to automate and organize any photo lab. Its comprehensive management reports are designed to give a global view of the business and increase productivity and profitability.

We are dedicated to provide an easy to use, yet powerful management tool, to enable each client achieve their own business goals.

Screen Shot of New Order window of LabWorks

LabWorks™ is our 3rd generation software geared towards commercial/professional photo labs and digital service bureaus. Our commitment to continuous and never-ending improvements makes LabWorks™ the #1 photolab software in the market.

  • "... I would, without hesitation, recommend Lablogics to any organization that is in need of a true software "partner". Your involvement with them will do nothing but enhance your ability to prosper in the rapidly changing photographic industry.”
    Michael Hanline, Owner
    White House Custom Colour
    St. Paul, Minnesota

  • "If you own a fast-paced production environment, if you want to have control over your business, and if you want to get some quality tools for you customer service and accounting staff, then you should look into LabWorks™ .”
    Martie Shieh, CEO
    Los Angeles, California